Taxation Advisory Services

Objections / Amendments

At some stage you may wish to object to the Taxation Commissioners assessment of your tax return, or you may wish to amend your taxation return, subsequent to its lodgement. We can facilitate the objection and amendment process and monitor the Australian Taxation Offices’ outcomes and feedback so you are kept informed all times.

Small Business CGT Concession

Proprietors of small businesses are eligible for generous tax concessions on the sale of their business.

These concession range from a deferral of tax, to significant reductions, to a full exemption of tax. The legislation is complex and requires a detailed contemporaneous paper trail.

If is important to comply with the many conditions so as to avoid serious headaches in the future, should the Commissioner decide to review the workings and your interpretation of the law.

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging can still provide tax and cash flow advantages to employees as well as provide employers a strategic advantage in attracting quality staff through well designed remuneration structuring.  

Taxation Relating to Family Law Matters

Taxation issues in family law matters can be complex and time consuming to resolve. We work closely with solicitors to ensure the timely supply of taxation solutions to facilitate the family law process.

General Litigation Support

Parties involved in formal dispute require access to accurate tax solutions. We work closely with solicitors to ensure we deliver workable and functional taxation outcomes. 

Tax Estimates

We provide early tax estimates for clients to assist in their financial cashflow planning. This service obviates the need for the preparation of the full financial reports and tax return, hence provides a timely and inexpensive method of crystalising your anticipated tax liability.

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