Family Business

Family Business

We specialise in helping family businesses thrive by identifying not only the accounting, taxation and structuring issues but going beyond and addressing the consolidated Family Group Business dynamics so as we crystallise their priorities and provide impetus for expanding their business.

One of the most engaging business sectors of our community is family business. They represent a significant and integral part of both Micro Business and SMEs.

We understand the many different facets that make up the dynamics that are central to a successful Family Business.

Some of the critical areas we address:

  • Identifying family business priorities, primary objectives and risks, and designing an appropriate business path to both identify and mitigate them.
  • Aligning business structures between family members for tax effective income splitting arrangements and asset protection.
  • Identifying otherwise underutilised skill sets of family members to assist the family business group – i.e. leadership, creative, marketing and management aptitude and engaging them in the business.
  • Leveraging off family consolidated assets for improved access to capital.
  • Incorporating appropriate and timely exit strategies for a specific family member that will not result in an implosion of the consolidated family business group.
  • Attending to estate planning while being mindful of the multi-beneficiary nature and sensitivities of family group dynamics.
  • Dealing with inter-generational succession planning issues.
  • Dealing compassionately and fairly with the many non-accounting, business and commercial considerations that are particular to family business members in their day to day lives.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being actively involved with family businesses is the provision of advice and assistance to family members within the context of the family business group dynamics.

This can only be achieved if you have gained a full knowledge of the family business and the personalities that drive it.

We know how family businesses work, think and act, and we possess the skills and experience to help them GROW.

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Vick Gelevitis

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Registered Tax Agent
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