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We specialise in helping family businesses thrive by identifying not only the accounting, taxation and structuring issues but going beyond and addressing the consolidated Family Group Business dynamics.

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Estate planning is one of those awkward tasks that most people avoid. While this is understandable, the consequences of not having an adequate estate plan can create significant uncertainty, distress and cost to your family.

2019 Year End Tax Planning

30 May 2019
2019 YEAR END TAX PLANNING Time is running out to determine if there is any scope to reduce your 2019 year-end tax liability. Tax minimisation strategies encompasses a number of different approaches ..Continue Reading..

The Federal Budget 2019 - At a glance

27 May 2019
At A Glance A campaign based budget set to define the battle ground for the imminent Federal Election. The Instant Asset Write-Off Increased to $30,000 The Government has announced that e ..Continue Reading..

2018 Tax Update for Individuals & Businesses

7 June 2018
We have highlighted below the key changes for the 2018 tax year-end. These include: Cost of managing tax affairs Rental Property - Travel deductions Rental Property - Limited depreciation deducti ..Continue Reading..

The New Tax Landscape for 2018

8 February 2018
In line with the ever evolving world of taxation legislation we have summarized below an overview of the new legislation that is relevant to small business, self-managed superfunds, CGT, GST and other gener ..Continue Reading..

Offshore Service Providers - Is it Right? Is it Ethical?

29 August 2017
Every industry sector is seeking ways to cut costs and with the advent of digitalization, data transfer and the internet even more opportunities present themselves. Generally, cutting costs requires an  ..Continue Reading..

2017 Tax Updates for Businesses

16 May 2017
It's important to keep up to date with changes from the ATO to find out what updates could be affecting your business. Here is a summary of some recent tax updates. Credit and debit card, online selling, an ..Continue Reading..

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